A perfect dining experience begins with the setting.  

 At The Mistral, ambience sets the tone.
Floor-to-ceiling windows framing
Victoria Harbour’s night view will put you at ease.


Upon being seated, freshly baked Grissini initiate your
Italian feast.  The amuse-bouche is a twisted form of
burrata cheese with cube-sized tomatoes and
black truffles in an elegant manner. Mazara Del Vallo
red prawns and gherkins is served with raspberries,
Amalfi lemon dressing with Beluga Siberian caviar,
opening up the appetite with its sweet and sour beauty.


Handmade pasta arises as the pulse of the meal.
This multi-coloured tortelli with blue Boston lobster,
Osietra caviar, ricotta, 24-month D.O.P., Parmigiano
Reggiano in lobster bisque makes a good option for those
who go for its quality ingredients as well as outward expression.


Mains like melt-in-your-mouth smoked and
 pan-roasted M4 Wagyu tenderloin linger
on your memory long after.


Being one of the few restaurants in town
having the largest collection of Grappa and Amaro,
you can take the dining journey to the next level
by ordering the Grappa Tasting Flight during your meal,
followed by Amaro Tasting Flight.


Pair Amaro with Semifreddo –
a velvety half-frozen hazelnut mousse
with Peruvian chocolate and caramelized almonds.
You'll love it.

 📸: @christinafoodhunt & @situ野猪




Harbour View Brunch

at The Mistral


From HK$619.2 per guest



Semi-lunch Buffet

at The Mistral


HK$421.2 per guest